September 21, 2009

Secrets of the Tarot

No story featuring Gypsies would be complete without fortune-tellers. Whether consulting crystal balls, reading palms, or divining Tarot cards, they add an air of intrigue and drive the narrative forward with revelations and warnings.

For my story, I chose the Tarot. I have the classic Rider-Waite-Smith deck and books to help interpret layouts. I made the reading simple, a classic three-card pattern: past, present, future. My main character, Roza, asks a question and the cards answer.

Let me say first I don't attribute any supernatural powers to the Tarot. Each card can be interpreted several ways and more often than not the questioner will make an intimate connection when prompted by the reader. Nothing spooky about it.

I selected cards that reflect what I've already written, what's happening in the story now, and things to come. The results:

Past = The Three of Swords (heartbreak)
Present = The Moon (obstacles)
Future = The Tower (tumultuous change)

Now I have a scene that confirms events thus far, indicates Roza will overcome distractions if she believes in herself, and hints that the resolution may not be exactly what she expects. It also establishes a bond between Roza and the fortuneteller, both teen girls, which could be important later.

I'm hoping it will be as intriguing to read as it was to write.