February 24, 2013

Where Can I Get a Cat Like This?

Oh, how I wish this video were longer!

The bond between these two is  truly amazing. [wipes eyes]

February 21, 2013

IndieRecon, Day Three

It's the final day of IndieReCon and the content continues to be amazing.

My faves of the day:

Measuring Success by Susan Kaye Quinn - http://www.indierecon.org/2013/02/measuring-success-by-susan-kaye-quinn.html

Breaking into International Markets by Orna Ross - http://www.indierecon.org/2013/02/breaking-into-international-markets-by.html

All About Audio by Stacey Wallace Benefiel -  http://www.indierecon.org/2013/02/all-about-audio-by-stacey-wallace.html

Partnering with an Agent by Steena Holmes - http://www.indierecon.org/2013/02/partnering-with-agent-by-steena-holmes.html

Lessons Learned and Tips from Indie Authors - http://www.indierecon.org/2013/02/lessons-learned-and-tips-from-indie.html

Chat with LM Preston - http://www.indierecon.org/2013/02/chat-with-lm-preston.html

All the sessions will be up for some time, so catch them at your leisure.

Thanks again to S.R. Johannes and all the great speakers and sponsors for a truly wonderful conference!

February 20, 2013

IndieReCon, Day Two

Lots of great information coming your way again as IndieReCon enters Day Two.

My picks of the day: 

Chat with Samantha Young and RaShelle Workman - http://www.indierecon.org/2013/02/chat-with-samantha-young-and-rashelle.html  

Releasing Single and Listening to the Audience by Hugh Howey - http://www.indierecon.org/2013/02/releasing-singles-and-listening-to.html  

Marketing Plans Made Easy! by S.R. Johannes - http://www.indierecon.org/2013/02/marketing-plans-made-easy-by-sr-johannes.html 

Building an Author Brand By Ali Cross - http://www.indierecon.org/2013/02/building-author-brand-by-ali-cross.html 

Creative Book Launches that Command Attention by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi - http://www.indierecon.org/2013/02/creative-book-launches-that-command.html

Have fun!

February 19, 2013

IndieRecon, Day One

A great first day for this online conference geared toward independent publishing. The posts will be archived, so you can go back and read them at your leisure.

I especially enjoyed:

The Future of Digital Publishing by Bob Mayer

The Honest Inside Scoop by Jessie Harrell

Entrepreneurial Authors  by S.R. Johannes

Seven Worst Mistakes Indie Authors Make by Joanna Penn

... A Business Plan by Denise Grover Swank

Chat with Bestselling Author Darcie Chan