February 20, 2013

IndieReCon, Day Two

Lots of great information coming your way again as IndieReCon enters Day Two.

My picks of the day: 

Chat with Samantha Young and RaShelle Workman - http://www.indierecon.org/2013/02/chat-with-samantha-young-and-rashelle.html  

Releasing Single and Listening to the Audience by Hugh Howey - http://www.indierecon.org/2013/02/releasing-singles-and-listening-to.html  

Marketing Plans Made Easy! by S.R. Johannes - http://www.indierecon.org/2013/02/marketing-plans-made-easy-by-sr-johannes.html 

Building an Author Brand By Ali Cross - http://www.indierecon.org/2013/02/building-author-brand-by-ali-cross.html 

Creative Book Launches that Command Attention by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi - http://www.indierecon.org/2013/02/creative-book-launches-that-command.html

Have fun!

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