October 26, 2009

Who's Your Favorite Dracula?

If you’re a fan of vampires, you know these lines:
     “Listen to them,
      Children of the night,
      What music they make!”

Gorgeous words, spoken by many an actor. Of all those who've portrayed Count Dracula, there's none better than Gary Oldman. Sexy, thrilling, dangerous. Yeah. Coppola’s film is a grand mess, but Oldman captivates.

As for the others:
Gerard Butler - love those abs!
Frank Langella - so close, so close.
Bela Lugosi - over the top but eerie.
Christopher Lee - king of camp.
George Hamilton - spare me.
Max Schreck - the original Nosferatu, downright terrifying, and the reason I once checked under my bed for coffins.

See your favorite above? You can vote from this list, or write in your own candidate in the Comments section. And remember, we’re only talking about Dracula here. No Twilight votes allowed!


  1. I concur with Gary Oldman. He made me want to be bitten!

  2. At the SCBWI East/North conference at Mills College in Oakland, CA on Saturday, October 24th called 'Creativity to Mastery' --> the paned of editors and agents agreed that the Dracula market is full. The Wicked Novels (I think that is the name of series) was a surprised to all in the publishing word.

  3. Stephanie: I agree. Oldman just makes you want to surrender!

    Bobbie: I know the publishing world is claiming to be sick of vampires, but they're still selling strong.

  4. I have to admit that I'm a complete wimp. Vampires always freaked me out. Wow! I didn't realize there had been so many movies made staring Dracula. The only one I had ever heard of was Bela Lugosi. (My family gets a kick out of old films like this.) :D

  5. My boy Gary. And I can't believe I missed your September tarot post. I so want to comment.

    Re: Vampires in print. Exactly. The pundits keep saying the market is saturated, but if you follow Publisher's Marketplace it seems like half the new fiction deals are vamp lit.

  6. Danyelle: Yes, most vampire movies are gory, but there's one called "The Little Vampire" that's pretty tame and actually kind of cute.

    VR: Comments are never closed on this blog! Since I only post weekly, I often go back to old posts to see if anyone new has stopped by. In fact, I found a Dracula comment mistakenly attached to the Tarot post. :)


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