April 22, 2010

A Carbon-Neutral Blog

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I don't usually post more than once a week, but the most marvelous VR Barkowski wrote today about a wonderful program that will help reforest areas decimated by northern California fires.

I've put up the button and hope you'll join me. Just click on the green leaf and you'll be taken to the site of Make It Green (Mach's Grun), which is partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation for this project. Step-by-step instructions make it easy.

What a great way to celebrate Earth Day. Thanks, VR!


  1. You are too sweet! Thanks so much for participating, Kathryn. As a kid growing up in [very] NorCal, every vacation was spent in the Plumas Forest, hiking and camping. When I saw the devastation resulting from the 2007 fires, it took my breath away. It didn't seem possible what I thought would be there forever could be lost between heartbeats.

  2. You guys, is it bad that I've never been to Plumas Forest, even though I grew up in Northern California? Perhaps I'll visit soon and check out all our trees.

  3. VR: It always astounds me when our forests burn, even though fires caused by lightning have occurred naturally for thousands of years.

    The smoke from this one drifted into our valley and forced many of us to limit outdoor activities. It literally felt like you were breathing fire.

    Stephanie: It would take a lifetime devoted to exploring California to see it all, so you're good. I'm a native and I still haven't been to the desert regions of the state.


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