September 21, 2010

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa

(All you sinners out there know what that means.)

I’ve been terrible about responding in a timely manner to people who’ve tagged me, so today I begin to make amends.

But first, I want to alert you all to a fabulous 1,000-follower contest over at Angela Ackerman’s blog, The Bookshelf Muse. If you haven’t seen Angela’s wonderful thesauruses, get thee hence! While you’re there, sign up for a chance to win critiques or a three-month mentorship. Good luck!

The most marvelous VR Barkowski tagged me with "5 Questions". My answers:

Question 1 - Where were you five years ago?
1. Teaching second grade.
2. Hiking in Maui (spring).
3. Wondering what possessed me to buy an accordion (summer).
4. Recovering from a car accident caused by a woman talking on her cell phone (fall).
5. Contemplating early retirement so I could focus on writing.

Question 2 - Where would you like to be in five years?
1. Living closer to my hometown, San Francisco.
2. Agented and successfully published.
3. Improving with each book I write.
4. A better musician.
5. Swimming with the manatees.

Question 3 - What's on your to-do list today?
1. Revising my MG fantasy.
2. Blogging.
3. Exercise (balance ball and yoga, most likely).
4. Reading more of Catching Fire.
5. Refilling the bird feeder and birdbath.

Question 4 - What snacks do you enjoy?
1. Nachos.
2. Dark chocolate.
3. Organic apples with white cheddar cheese and Ak Mak crackers.
4. Walnuts.
5. Peanut butter on saltines.

Question 5 - What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?
1. Buy a huge parcel of land, build a good-sized main house and lots of cottages, then invite writers for all-expenses-paid retreats (transportation, bed, board, and stipend included).
2. Hire personal trainers and masseuses for myself and my friends.
3. Employ a driver to shuttle me everywhere.
4. Travel first class or bypass the airlines altogether with my own jet.
5. Start a college scholarship for deserving students.

Now it’s time to pass the tag along on to five bloggers I think you might enjoy:
1.    Catherine A. Winn
2.    Rahma Krambo
3.    Icy Sedgwick
4.    Rachna Chhabria
5.    Gretchen McNeil 

And thanks again to VR, whose blog is always worth a visit.


  1. Love your list! So many good snacks! And I hope I get an invite to a retreat! :)

  2. Thank you for the sweet shout-out. And what a great list! I'm coming over to your house for snacks. :)

    Can't believe I tagged you for both the 5 questions and the handwriting meme. Sheesh, I'm unintentionally harassing you!

  3. Ah, so you're a chocolate-loving accordion player!

  4. Jemi: I would so love to be able to gather writers together! I guess the next best thing would be to sell so many books I could afford to sponsor authors for conferences and meet them there.

    VR: Actually, you tagged me with 5 Questions back in June (hence the title of my post). So, I may get to the handwriting meme by December. ;-)

    Stephanie: Hmmm, how would that look up on a marquee?

  5. Oh, man, I so need some peanut butter on saltines, RIGHT NOW. Maybe I'll stop on the way home from work. YUM.

  6. I love these kinds of questionaires. They make you think about things in a different way.

  7. Elana: I used to bring them to work, but I had to eat them on the sly or my students would start drooling.

    Cinette: This was one of the better memes, I think.

  8. Yummy snacks. I love reading these memes and getting to know fellow bloggers.

  9. Medeia: I tend to be rather private, but I liked this particular meme.


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