October 19, 2010

What Fools These Writers Be!

Haven't consulted the Tarot in months, so when The Fool appeared you can imagine my dismay, especially since I pulled the card the day after posting my first 250 words online.

As it turns out, the meaning of this card is totally in sync with writing.


Writers undertake life-changing journeys.

We may be unaware of all the hardships in store, but we accept whatever comes our way (sometimes with grace, sometimes not).

We'll take risks, even if it means venturing into the unknown.

We're on a path to mastery.

If that makes me a fool, then I'll gladly answer to the name.


Mega thanks to everyone who stopped by and commented on my blogfest entry.  I so appreciate your feedback!

I know this post is brief, but the Giants are playing in just a couple of hours and I need to work on my WIP before the couch claims me.


  1. Ha! Yes, I've read that the Fool really is about fearlessly going forth, taking chances, being in the moment. There's a lot to be said for not being afraid to take risks.

  2. GO GIANTS!!!!

    I am a fool as well, according to your definition.

  3. Tricia: It does take enormous courage to write, I think.

    Stephanie: Yeah, baby, all the way to the World Series!

    Is that a beard on your avatar?

  4. The Fool is one of my favorites. How can you not love a card that promises the start of a great journey? And writing certainly is that. The Fool is all about living in the moment, having the faith that all will work out and pursuing your dreams without worrying about the hardships ahead. You're right, it's the perfect card.

    I hope the Giants win, but baseball bores me to tears. Absolutely cannot bear to watch it.

  5. VR: What made it even better was pulling the Temperance card the next day, which signifies bringing forth what you can imagine.
    Yes, baseball is difficult to watch on TV, but I gotta root for my team.

  6. The Fool looks so classy on the card, not the way one usually pictures one.

    Yup, I'm one.

  7. Medeia: Well, then, it looks like I'm in good company!


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