June 21, 2011

How Writing is Like Bananagrams

The more I write, the more I filter experiences through a writer’s lens. It’s a blessing and a curse.

Take Bananagrams, my new favorite game. You start with 21 tiles and build connecting words, like Scrabble. Everyone plays at the same time so it’s quick, like Boggle. Serious fun.

The best part—or worst, depending on how far behind you are—is that you can demolish your creation and start from scratch. So what goes through my mind as I do exactly this? 

Hey, this is like writing. If something isn’t working, I can toss it and try a new approach. 

Meanwhile, my opponent triumphs. Like I said, a blessing and a curse. ;-)

Ever find yourself in similar situations?


  1. I've heard of Bananagrams before - but haven't seen it in action yet. Sounds like it's right up my alley!! :)

  2. Had to read this when I saw the title - well-done. I am not up on the games but your analogies were great.

  3. Now I think I have to get that game. My son and I love to duel in Scrabble, sometimes going past his bedtime. Maybe this game will give us the same fix but in less time.

  4. Jemi: If you love word games you have to try it! You won't be disappointed.

    Melissa: Thanks! If you like Scrabble, but don't have hours to spend, this is a great alternative.

    Stephanie: That's what I love about Bananagrams. You get the stimulation of Scrabble but it doesn't take hours and everyone gets to play at once so there's no down time.

  5. Although it's not conscious, I'm always trying different approaches. That freedom may be what I love most about writing. Thing is, I usually revert back to my original approach. It's that gut instinct thing again.

    Bananagrams looks like a blast - Scrabble with momentum!

  6. I've never heard of Bananagrams--it sounds like fun and you're right about its similarity to writing.
    From now on when I toss something I might yell, "Bananagram!"

  7. VR: I'm eminently thankful for computers in that regard. No matter how many changes I make, there's always a file with excisions in case I want to revert back.

    Yes, Bananagrams is much more lively than Scrabble. No more twiddling thumbs while waiting for your next turn. Try it!

    Catherine: Or you could yell, "Peel!"

  8. LOL This is me right. I'm tossing chunks of my wip out because they no longer work. :P


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