July 12, 2011

Looking for Inspiration

There's an interesting post about writers who use different types of imagery to inspire their work over at The Enchanted Inkpot.

I've blogged before about totems scattered around my desk and home. I also rely on visuals. While researching Slavic mythology for my current WIP, I looked for pictures of the thunder god, Perun, a main character in my story. Here's one:

Now imagine you're Nadya, a sixteen-year-old descendant of the mermaid goddess Jurata, living a cloistered life by the Baltic Sea. You unwittingly summon Perun. He insists you're Jurata reborn—killed at his hands after she spurned him to love a human—and claims you for his queen.

When you marry, he'll make you immortal. You'll fly above storms in his chariot and accept the adulation of worshipers at his temple. When his temper erupts, your siren's voice will calm his rages.

The catch: leave and he'll wipe out your family. Hmm, eternity with a hotheaded killer. Not exactly the kind of relationship your average girl dreams of in this or any other world.

But Nadya isn't your average girl. ;-)

Where do you find inspiration?


  1. Since I'm nothing if not practical, my inspiration is usually no more than a personal passion or interest. Certainly the tarot was a starting place for my first book, art and prejudice the inspiration for my second. But these were no more than launch pads. Book 1 really wasn't about the tarot, nor was book 2 about art or prejudice, those were only the doorways into the story. Does that make sense?

  2. VR: Absolutely. You can't enter a story until you've opened the door. ;-)

  3. Definitely an intriguing girl with a pretty big conflict! Fascinating!

    I'm a more realistic fiction writer, so I find my inspiration in life - in the news, the people I see on the streets, etc.

  4. Heidi: I hope my writing can do justice to the conflict! It's funny. After years of journalism and teach-to-the-test classrooms, I've swung over to fantasy. Go figure. ;-)


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