July 26, 2011

Six Ways to Beat BIC Flab

You've heard the mantra. Hunker down and write the story. Great advice except while you're exercising those little grey cells the rest of you is going slack.

Think not?  Flick under your arm. Must be jelly 'cause jam don't shake.

I've learned a few tricks to fight the jiggles, top and bottom. See if any of them work for you.

1. Buy a balance ball and use it as a chair. Works the core while you sit. Open up those thighs. Tighten those buns. Squeeze and bounce.

2. When you're stuck or need a few minutes to reflect, pick up a latex resistance band and stretch: side-to-side, front to back, top-down.

3. Take water breaks. In the kitchen, do push ups against the counter and then shake out your arms and body. Indulge your inner wet dog.

4. Keep small weights nearby. Strengthen biceps and triceps while checking email.

5. Breathe, deeply. Muscles need oxygen.

6. Every page or so, get up and swivel your hips to a sultry song. Imagine Daniel Craig is watching.  ;-)


  1. Excellent recommendations, but is it okay if I substitute Johnny Depp for Daniel?

  2. I'd laugh but it's all so true! And boy do I need help! I'm going to try some of your recommendations, especially the last one :)

  3. VR: Of course, although to my mind JD doesn't have anywhere near DC's magnetism. But . . . different strokes. :)

    Catherine: A little imagination goes a long way, doesn't it? :)

  4. I’ll take Daniel, V.R. You can keep Johnny.

  5. Stephanie: Absolutely. Why settle for a skinny boy when you can have a real man? ;-)

  6. Wow, these are amazing. I take early morning walks, but I might just have to try these out.

  7. Eileen: I really should start taking walks in the morning, too. :)


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