April 20, 2013

Want to Change from Blogger to Wordpress?

Paranormal author Jami Gold is conducting two hour-long classes this week that will show you how to set up a free or hosted website using WordPress.

It's one of many classes available through WANA (We Are Not Alone) International, a social media site started by Kristen Lamb to teach creative professionals how to build effective online platforms.

Neither class is free but they both include handouts and access to a private web page with additional info.

I haven't decided which one would be better, so I'd appreciate your feedback.

  - Do you have a Wordpress account?

  - Is it free (Wordpress.com) or hosted (Wordpress.org)?

  - What made you decide on one rather than the other?

  - Did you set it up yourself or did you have help?


The webinar on free sites is April 23 from 7:00 -8:00 p.m. EST. More info here: http://wanaintl.com/event-registration/?ee=133

For those interested in a hosted site (more bells and whistles, but they come with a price), the webinar is April 25 from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. EST. More info here: http://wanaintl.com/event-registration/?ee=134


  1. I don't use Wordpress but I know some people like it and feel like they somehow don't control their work enough on Blogger. A big book review blog I read just converted from Blogger to Wordpress and I think really likes it.

    Good luck with the decision.

  2. I've just been thinking about the idea of wordpress. I don't know enough about it to switch now, but I'll probably take some time to look into it.

    Thanks for the heads' up!

  3. I'll let you know if I take either course. Still on the fence.

  4. I would certainly love to know more about Wordpress.

    At present, only my blog is on Wordpress. I use a free template, although I did pay for font customization. My domain and webpage are hosted on Go Daddy. I did my own web design (which is probably obvious) rather than use a template. This was years ago when there were few webpage templates available via any platform

    For blogging, I find Wordpress less user-friendly than Blogger. I'm constantly having to search the web for html code to get my page to look like I want it to. Plus, there are things I could do on Blogger that I can't do on Wordpress. That said, I prefer the clean design.

    I wanted to start a new blog with a slightly different thrust than my old Blogger blog, so I went with Wordpress.

    I always set everything up myself because I'm poor. :)

    VR Barkowski

  5. Kathryn, Thank you for blogging about my classes!

    I'm sorry I didn't see this earlier. I'd be happy to answer any questions. :)


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