February 21, 2013

IndieRecon, Day Three

It's the final day of IndieReCon and the content continues to be amazing.

My faves of the day:

Measuring Success by Susan Kaye Quinn - http://www.indierecon.org/2013/02/measuring-success-by-susan-kaye-quinn.html

Breaking into International Markets by Orna Ross - http://www.indierecon.org/2013/02/breaking-into-international-markets-by.html

All About Audio by Stacey Wallace Benefiel -  http://www.indierecon.org/2013/02/all-about-audio-by-stacey-wallace.html

Partnering with an Agent by Steena Holmes - http://www.indierecon.org/2013/02/partnering-with-agent-by-steena-holmes.html

Lessons Learned and Tips from Indie Authors - http://www.indierecon.org/2013/02/lessons-learned-and-tips-from-indie.html

Chat with LM Preston - http://www.indierecon.org/2013/02/chat-with-lm-preston.html

All the sessions will be up for some time, so catch them at your leisure.

Thanks again to S.R. Johannes and all the great speakers and sponsors for a truly wonderful conference!


  1. I didn't have time to get to day 3, but I really enjoyed some of the marketing ones on day 2. Trying to go to WriteOnCon too and respond to our giveaway comments so it's been busy.

  2. Hi Natalie! Thanks for stopping by.

    The great thing about IndieReCon is, like WriteOnCon, the posts and chats will be up for some time.


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